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We'll Judge Your Space? No Way...That, and 4 Other Common Myths Dispelled

Do you dream of waking up and having your home perfectly organized? Can you imagine getting out of the house easily, without scrambling for the missing sock or shoe, backpack or lunch box?

Live would be a lot calmer if our homes were organized with a system that actually works. But is something stopping you from taking the step to hire a professional organizer? Are you scared of some of the common myths that are preventing you from getting your home organized?

Keep reading and I'll walk you through why those myths are not actually true!

Myth #1: Pro Organizers Are Judgmental of Your Home's Appearance

Everyone's biggest fear! But in reality, it is completely unfounded. As a Professional Home Organizer, I want to see your home in its natural, messy state. That is the best way for me to create a system that works for you and your family. I never judge a home by the way it looks when it comes in. I have 4 little children myself and I know what a hectic morning can look like.  But that is why organization is key. It can help you remain calm even in the hectic moments.  There is really no judgement ever!

Myth #2: Pro Organizers Are Way Too Expensive for Most People

Some people worry that organizing is too expensive for them.  However, organizing your home may actually save you money in the long run.  When you know where your items are, you don't need to buy duplicates (or triples).  You can also manage your time more efficiently as well.  If the large investment of a full home organization is intimidating to you, you can check out our membership options instead.  With a smaller monthly investment, you can have an organizer or two visit your home for a few hours each month, slowly getting the entire home organized. You can see our membership options on our

Myth #3: Pro Organizers Make You Get Rid of All Your Things

We work with you to see what items are useful to you and help you and your family.  We only declutter items that are not working for you and together we can decide on the best use for them.  Maybe you want to store your baby's old clothes in the garage. Or perhaps you are ready to donate them to an organization for foster children. Or maybe they are ruined and belong in the trash.

Myth #4: Pro Organizers Require You to Provide Your Own Storage

We bring all the supplies with us so that you can take it easy.  Once you give us a call, or shoot us an email, we will walk you through the steps.  We begin with a phone conversation, and then send you a proposal.  Once you accept we discuss design of bins, and the budget you have in mind for it.  We come with all the supplies needed, and handle the shopping and returns of all supplies.  We organize your space, make it super functional for your needs, beautify it, and label it so that everyone can help maintain your system.  If you want even more, we offer a monthly maintenance plan to help you upkeep your organized space.

Myth #5: Pro Organizers Transform Your Home in a Single Day

As organizers, we work with you to determine the length of the projects.  Some clients prefer a slower timeline with 1 or 2 organizers, and some prefer a larger group of organizers and a quicker turn around.  We work to customize our plan to make it fit your needs.

When we come in to organize your home, we take care of all the little details.  Need a handyman to hang up the art, build some shelving, or assemble the crib? We take care of that too.  Shopping, returns, and donations, are all part of what we do to help you have an organized home in the calmest manner possible.

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