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Ready to Take Back Control of Your Kids' Bedrooms? These 4 Tips Will Help...

Ready to Take Back Control of Your Kids' Bedrooms? These 4 Tips Will Help...

Have you ever tried to go to sleep in a messy, cluttered bedroom? It doesn't feel good and it's hard to fall into a restful sleep when there are things all around. Kids also need a calm space to sleep well. When a bedroom is organized, it is actually one of the easiest spaces to maintain. The key is to have a system in place that keeps the room organized and not cluttered.

Step #1: Assess the Space

The first thing to do is to assess the space. Look around the bedroom and see what is working and what isn't working. In the furniture layout optimal for your child? Take into account their age. Can your toddler reach their pajamas on their own? Do you have a higher rod for "special occasion" clothes that you don't want your child to reach independently? What is the current storage like? Once you have a picture of what you are working with and what you want the room to ideally be, then you can begin to organize.

Step #2: Sort the Room

Now it's time to go through the items in the room. First sort the items by type.  Put the dresses in one pile, then the pants, then the tops. Make another pile for pajamas.  Throw out any torn or broken books and put the good books together.  Then think about what the optimal placement for each item is. Once everything has its place, you should use labels so that everyone knows where to put things back. For little kids, I like to use labels with pictures on it. It's also a great idea to have a bin in each closet for clothes your children outgrew. When that bin or bucket gets filled, you can then put it in storage.

Step #3: Create the Routine

Once your system is set, the key to maintaining is to make cleanup a daily habit.  When the system is simple, then it is simple to maintain.  There are a few ways to motivate the kids. You can make cleanup a family fun time. Put on a timer for ten minutes, blast the music and see how quickly the room can be reset.  It's also helpful to have a visual checklist on the wall of the nighttime routine. Just like brushing teeth is a non-negotiable, putting the clothes in the hamper is a must do too.

Step #4: Set the Example

Kids learn by watching what you do. Modeling is the most effective strategy to teach them a new skill.  When they see that you tidy up your room, they learn to tidy their room too.  If the system is too complicating it will overwhelm the kids, but if its simple for them then it will be easy to maintain.  Do you want them to actually hang up their backpack? Then put the hooks right by the front door. If you want them to put their clothes in the hamper, then make sure the hamper is easily accessible. If they need to hang up clothes, then make sure the rod is within their reach.

Having an organized room frees your children's brain to be creative and imaginative and not get stuck in the mess.  Organizing the room so that it is optimal and custom for your child is the key to making it an organized space that is easily maintainable.  Are you overwhelmed thinking about your children's rooms? Hiring a professional organizer can help you create an organized space that is custom for you so that you can easily maintain it.  We can even show the kids how the system works too!

Looking for a team that can combine strategy, fun, and your kids' daily routines to create harmony in their rooms? Reach out and let's get acquainted!

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