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Worried an organizer won't work well for you?

Everyone enjoys living in an organized space, but not everyone has the time or skill to organize it themselves.  Yet people often push off hiring a profession organizer because of the many misconceptions out there.  Read on to dispel the myths surrounding professional organizers.

Myth #1: Pro Organizers Are Judgmental of Your Home's Appearance

I never judge my clients' homes.  Everyone has life circumstances that are unique to their family, I'm not there to judge! I'm there to help.  My mission is to help busy families enjoy their home by creating functional organizing routines. As a busy mom of 4 little kids, my house on a Sunday can be a mess! But because we have organizing systems in place the mess doesn't stress me because I know that with just a few minutes of clean up everything will have its place again.  Pro Organizers are really not judging your space, our only goal is to help you create systems so that you don't have to stress about the mess ever again.

Myth #2: Pro Organizers Are Way Too Expensive for Most People

Expensive is a relative term.  I like to think of the cost savings of hiring an organizers. Firstly, you save money long term by not having to buy duplicate of items already own. Secondly, with the cost of real estate skyrocketing, using your home as a storage area is certainly very expensive! My clients often joke that organizing is so stress relieving that it feels like therapy.  Home organizing is certainly more inexpensive than therapy.  

A better name for organizers are interior interior designers.  We design and systemize the interiors (closets) of your home.  Just like you would hire an interior designer for your home, hiring an organizer is a great investment.

Myth #3: Pro Organizers Make You Get Rid of All Your Things

Every session is truly personalized to the customer. We always begin with asking you what your priority is. Do you wish to declutter? Do you want it to be truly functional and beautiful? Is budget a concern and therefore you don't want fancy bins but want super functional systems? Once we have your priorities in place only then do we begin to go through each item and find a designated spot for it in the house and create a system that you can easily maintain.

Myth #4: Pro Organizers Require You to Provide Your Own Storage

I want to make the organization as simple for you as possible. So I take care of the shopping and ordering and returning of all products used.  I come with multiple label makers and you choose what you want labeled, font and color.  Of course we are happy to design it to perfection and give our input, but we always want your opinion as this is your home.  Before purchasing bins, we discuss style, aesthetics and budget to determine the best storage products for you.

Myth #5: Pro Organizers Transform Your Home in a Single Day

Organizing takes time! We can organize with you at home, or when you are not home. But we can't wave a magic wand and have it all perfect in just a few hours (though we wish we can!)  All transformation takes time.  We work with you to estimate a reasonable timeline to fit your project.  For some clients it's a power 2-3 day session and that results in a complete transformation. For others, it's becoming a member and organizing one area of your home each month. We make it work for you.

As a professional organizer, my goal is to make your home work for you and be a place that you love to live in.  We offer packing/unpacking services, organizing services, memberships, coordination with handymen, cleaners, designers, donation companies, and junk removal companies.   Once we are a part of your home team we do what it takes to have your home be the best fit for you.

If you're ready for a home that feels effortless and supports your busy life, I would be honored to help. Reach out and let's chat!

Until next time,


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