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We've been featured on Empower Her Ventures

Head on over to this great blog highlighting women in business.  Cara from EmpowerHer Ventures spent some time blogging about different women in business. Her recent post about Clear Co Florida is a great read! 

To learn more about Cara and the services that she offers, check out her website EmpowerHer.Ventures!

Spotlight on Women in Business: Getting Organized with Bracha Hurwitz

Her business stands out in the market for its focus on functionality and its innovative membership model. Bracha and her team are all moms, giving them a practical perspective on creating sustainable organizational systems. Their priority is function first, ensuring that beautiful spaces are also practical and maintainable. Bracha has implemented systems that help her clients stay organized and it’s even easy for kids to help maintain. Simplicity and ease are her motto when it comes to ensuring the organization stays intact. She uses the same systems with her family and loves that it can benefit other families too.

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