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Overwhelmed With Unpacking? Here's 5 Ways We'll Help Lighten Your Load...

When people move they often think about the packing part of the job. Getting all your items into boxes can be overwhelming, and living with boxes in your living room for weeks on end is no fun at all. At Clear Co Florida, when we pack our clients for a move, we come with a team and pack the entire house in just 1-3 days.  This way you don't have to live with boxes at all! What people often forget is that packing is only the start of the move, but unpacking is another large and often overwhelming job too.

Reason #1: Our Unpacking Service Removes the Overwhelm

The moving truck pulled out and now you are surrounded by boxes everywhere you look. You did a great job labeling which box goes into each room, but the boxes are still everywhere and by now you are exhausted from just the move itself.  Your kids are hungry but your food items are in one of the many boxes. Where do you even begin? That's where we come in! Crazy as it may seem, we actually love moving! We love the freshness of the new home and putting everything in its place! Imagine coming home after the move to beds freshly made, fridge stocked with groceries, and the boxes neatly flattened and ready for recycling.

Reason #2: Our Unpacking Service Makes Sense of Your Stuff

We start by going over the inventory list to ensure that all the items arrived and guiding the movers to place the furniture in the correct move. We ensure that the fragile items are intact and that everything is in the right area of the home.

Reason #3: Our Unpacking Service Prioritizes Essential Spaces

Unpacking takes 1-4 days so we prioritize the essential areas.  We start with the bedrooms so that everyone in the family has a place to sleep tonight. Once the beds are made, we move on to the kitchen, which is truly the center of the home, to unpack the boxes and set it up. We help you create a grocery order so that you can have a stocked fridge and pantry so that the family can eat and settle in. From there we move on to the most used rooms and then to the odds on and ends.  Do you have little children? The playroom becomes a priority so that they have a place to play? Love to cook and having guests soon? Then the kitchen is the priority. Need your space and want access to your clothes? Then your master closet is the priority. We customize the service to tailor it to your needs.

Reason #4: Our Unpacking Service Gets You Settled Quickly

Depending on the amount of boxes, furniture, and square footage of the home, a typical move takes between 1-3 days to unpack and another 1-2 days to add the finishing touches of the perfect bins and labels.  We speak to you to ensure that the home is set up to suit your lifestyle. It's a customized service so that you can love your home!

Reason #5: Our Unpacking Service Finishes What it Starts

When we leave the house, we ensure that it is truly ready to be lived in.  The boxes are set out for recycling or for a junk pickup. Any last minute donations are sent to the donation center. Based on your preferences, bins are added and custom labels are placed.  The house will be left fully functional and beautiful too!

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