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3 Tips for a Streamlined Linen Closet that Stays Tidy All Year Long

Your linen closet is a hub in the house. It's what stores your entire family's towels, extra linens, and often beach towels too. Having an organized linen closet makes setting up bedrooms and laundry day so much smoother.

Tip #1: Purge & Part With Any Unused Items

Often the linen closet becomes the catch all closet for all the extra unused linens, towels, and baby blankets. It's important to ensure that your linen closet only contains items that you actually need and use. If your baby has already grown and they outgrew their baby blankets, then pass it on! Donate it to someone who can actually use it. Do you have lots of extra linen? Every room only needs 1-2 sets per bed. Take 5 minutes to go through your linen closet and get rid of whatever you no longer use.

Tip #2: Strategize & Systematize All Essential Items

Once you only have the items that you will actually use, you want to put in a system that actually works for your family. This is where personalization comes into play. You want to use a system that works for you. One great option is using deep bins for sets. Each set can go into its own bin. Another option is to fold each set into a pillowcase.

Tip #3: Label & Learn Where Each Item Goes

Once your system is set, it's important to label it so that the system lasts. If you are using bins, then a clip-on label works really well. If you are putting the items on the shelf, then directly label the shelf. A label will help ensure that everyone puts each item back in the right spot.

Is your linen closet too overwhelming for you? Often a professional eye can help create a system that will actually last. We can design a linen closet that the shelving spacing works and the system will be personalized to you.

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