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3 Ideas to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Chic, Calming & Clutter-Free

Living in Florida, we spend hours of our day outdoors. But what if your outdoors is a mess? It’s no fun to sit outside and see goggles on the floor and sand toys scattered around. Bikes, scooters, and balls all look nicer when they are in a designated spot. Read on for 3 storage solutions that will simplify your lives and help you enjoy your outdoor space.

Option #1: Vertical Shelving that is Valuable & Versatile

Taking advantage of your vertical space not only saves space, but it can look beautiful too! One great way to do this is with a storage shed. Storage sheds work really well for bulky items, such as extra folding chairs and tables, coolers, beach chairs and can even work for bikes and scooters. They also help protect these items from the rain that is a part of everyday life in Florida summers.

Option #2: Hanging Hooks that are Handy & Helpful

Another great option is to add hooks or shelving to your exterior walls. Hooks are a great spot for so many things to hang on. Do you host pool parties a lot? Keeping the goggles on a hook ensures that you can always find them when you need them. I love using an oversized mesh bag that hangs from the hooks to hold the pool toys when they are not in use.

Do you love to garden? Gardening tools can also be hung on hooks. Are your kids into sports? Hooks can be super handy for all sorts of items.

Option #3: Storage Chests that are Simple & Sturdy

Storage chest can serve double duty in your outdoor space. Besides for being used to store your outdoor toys, they can double as a bench for extra seating too! I often recommend using benches for bigger items such as balls, helmets, or large bubbles. Smaller items can get messy quickly inside a big bench.

Do you want to have a beautiful and organized backyard space? Do you wish you can stop buying new goggles every week? We can help.

If you're ready for an expert to outfit and organize your outdoor living spaces, we've got your back! Contact us today.

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