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Professional Organizing
& Moving Concierge Services

 Helping you declutter and get organized with our professional organizing services.  Our experienced team specializes in helping you move into your new home in an organized, beautiful and stress-free way.

 Servicing Palm Beach, Broward, & Parts of Miami-Dade Counties


Overwhelmed by the clutter? 

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Meet Bracha

Hi, I'm an Expert in Decluttering

Bracha Hurwitz Professional Organizer Palm Beach Boca Raton

As a certified professional organizer, I help people find time clarity and sense of accomplishment, and a place to put their keys. Since founding Clear Co Florida, I've shown people how to live with less clutter in an organized and clear space, to lead them to have a clear mind, and an ability to spend time focusing on the things that they love. 

My approach is deeply informed by my previous career as a special education teacher and executive function coach. In fact, I have a degree in psychology which helps me understand the people that I work with and coach them in a calm effective manner to achieve an organized, calm and clear space. Prior to becoming an organizer, I worked extensively with children, teens and adults with executive functioning challenges.  Over the years I have noticed that many of their cognitive struggles were greatly helped when they worked in an organized space. This inspired me to become a Professional Home Organizer so that I can help others organize their home, office, and business spaces. 

At Clear Co Florida Home Organizing, I am here to help you on your journey organizing your spaces.  As a busy mom of 4 little kids, I have come to realize that having an organized space is key to having a functioning family life.  



Bracha came and transformed my kitchen, making my days start and end so much more easily! Everything was organized a few months ago and it still is organized till today! She put in a great system that even my kids are able to maintain it! 

Sara. B, S. Florida

I'm a generally organized person, but my playroom just wasn't working for my family. Bracha came in and worked quickly and efficiently, and created an organized and easy to maintain space! Now that the playroom is organized, our whole family enjoys hanging out there.  Bracha is so easygoing and was a pleasure to have working in our home. If you have a space waiting to be organized, give her a call. 

Esther G, Boca Raton, FL

Bracha gave an organizing demo to our group for a women's night out and I can't recommend her enough. She was lots of fun and super practical! The ladies all loved her. The presentation was interactive and fun and we left with some great tips.

As the hostess of the evening, Bracha gave me a playroom consult with some great tips to implement into my space. Would totally recommend her for a party, night out, or to organize your space.  

Chana L,  Miami, FL

Let's Get Organized!

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